Reasons that Max Polyakov’s Firefly band will be one of the best in Germany

Max Polyakov's Firefly Rock Band

The most important feature of the band is that it provides its audience with a unique and enjoyable experience, especially for the die-hard rock and roll fans around the globe. At the age of 5, Max Polyakov emigrated with his family from the collapsing Soviet Union to Germany in order to escape the economic difficulties that awaited the majority of USSR’s citizens. Having lived in the city of Dnipropetrovsk for only 5 of his first years, Max Polyakov adopted the German culture pretty fast. Growing up, he listened to the classic rock bands of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd, from which he realised that being a musician would be his life virtue.

At the age of 10, he picked up the first guitar that his parents gave him as a present for his birthday. From then, he realized that his talent for music was much bigger than what his fellow pupils had from school. For this reason, after finishing school, Max Polyakov moved to the centre of the German capital to start earning some money and start his career. He found some financial difficulties until he started playing poker. So he went to the nearest casino to test his luck. Near the slot machines, he decided to gamble all the money he had. After the first few attempts he won, so the betting and winning continued right up to the point when he earned the equivalent of $1,000.

With some of the money earned, Max Polyakov started thinking about forming a rock band. He always had a dream of naming it “Firefly” because the name had some emotional relations with his childhood. To be precise, his dog pet was called like that who tragically died in a road accident. So, he always had a warm feeling towards the name. And while thinking of forming a rock band and naming it “Firefly”, Max Polyakov needed to look for a drummer, another guitarist and a lead singer.

FireFly coming from the roots of Germany’s capital city, Berlin

By posting an advertisement at the local agency in which he said that there is a need for 3 members of the new band called “Firefly”, he received only a few calls. The first audition that he planned did not go so well, as some of the guitarists and singers did not have a big talent and overall did not sound very great. Including the locality of his auditioning which was not located in the centre of the city of Berlin. Yet, Max Polyakov continued with recruiting the members of the band and hence found some decent candidates for the position.

The first was called Franz, an 18-year-old guitarist from Hamburg that played the instrument since he was a child. He played to him “Wonderwall” of Oasis, which was performed very good, so Max Polyakov did not hesitate and recruited him immediately. The second person was a former band member called Paul, a half British, half Estonian drummer that had the likes of Ringo Starr when he demonstrated his abilities to Max Polyakov. The third person was chosen as a lead singer in the face of a young German girl named Jess from Berlin, who had the voice of Joan Jett when she sang “I love Rock and Roll” to Max Polyakov during the audition.

Overall, Franz, Paul, Jess, and Max Polyakov started the new band, which was agreed to be called “Firefly” bringing its music to the world audience. And so, the motivation and talent brought the novice group to the music industry within the next few months of searching for a promoting agent. The promoter’s name is Bob King who owned a music studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, but also worked in Berlin. Bob was sure that “Firefly” would attract a big amount of people’s attention rapidly. And so, since 2017 the band along with Max Polyakov recorded their new album called “Chasing flies.” The initial approval rates were low, but one of the songs was enjoyed while the group performed it in a local pub. One of the event organizers liked the song very much. And so, he spoke to Max Polyakov regarding their band’s participation in a future show.

Max Polyakov playing on his first big music concert

In the beginning, Max Polyakov and his band were not sure if they could handle such magnitude, but they risked and invested all their money into an expensive equipment and music instruments, so they could perform at a bigger level than just pubs. And so, the first proportionally big event that Max Polyakov and his band had, was during a concert of Rammstein in Berlin, in which they sang few of their songs on the undercard of the event. The result was stunning as the audience enjoyed and asked for more song to be performed.

The next days, Max Polyakov and his promoter Bob King received several good propositions from various music companies to sign a contract with them and perform at their events. This occurrence was a very good step up for the bank as they could become famous and produce more music with better financial income. Yet, the potential that the band had proved to be a lot bigger than that.

Indeed, within the next few months, and only half a year after Max Polyakov’s band formation, they had performed in 10 different cities and sold few hundreds of copies in Germany, including other cities in Europe. However, knowing the failed experience of Paul being in a band previously, the musicians tried not to get involved with alcohol and narcotics and the money started pouring in. Fortunately, the band members did not have any problems with such previously and they agreed that in order to maintain stability in their music career, they had to stay away from partying too hard.

Max Polyakov and FireFly released their first long play

The first album called “Chasing flies” was later nominated for the regional award in Berlin for which the band gained extra recognition towards their talent. So the promoted Bob King made some contacts for the band to start performing across the ocean—in the US. After the first few attempts, Max Polyakov and his associates realised that they needed a fan club in America in order to attract the audience for their shows. Yet, the task was not so easy as “Firefly” was not famous apart from Germany around the world. Therefore, they started a campaign to attract new young people for liking their band.

Max Polyakov had few relatives living in the US, hence he got a significant amount of help in promoting their first album in some of the local bars and venues. And the beginning of summer, his band was finally invited to perform in a local ranch in California in which they could sing some of the songs from the “Chasing flies” album. This was a big step up for the band’s career as they realised that travelling so far away could surely bring them quite some fame.

Yet, Bob King, the promoter was quite sceptical of the whole invitation as the organizers were very little known and the venue that they provided was very small and located far away from an urbanised area. Yet, the first event of the band was carried out and the member along with the promoter went to see where such an opportunity would take them.

At the arrival, however, there was unclear of the magnitude of the event. Yet, at the night of the scheduled performance of “Firefly,” few hundreds of devoted rock and roll fans turned up and enjoyed the band’s first album the reviews that the band received from the local critics were highly positing and many local citizens requested Max Polyakov and his band to “come back to their city any time soon.”

The band’s fame was however not as big as Max Polyakov has predicted it to be. Particularly, he mentioned that the members needed to improve their skills in order to produce another album in the future. And so, Jess recorded some of her singing over the course of a few weeks for the band to process. However, her voice and lyrics needed to be recorded professionally and the other members needed to add some appropriate tunes to it.

Max Polyakov’s FireFly new album coming soon

Therefore, all skills combined, Franz, Paul, Max Polyakov, and Jess began on working to release a new album by the end of 2018. Since then, the talented potential of the band has only been expanding. They kept performing on weekly basis in local venues in Berlin, the place where they all lived. In addition, they were asked to perform on another undercard of the aged legendary German band “Scorpions” to try out their first album more.

This opportunity allowed the band and Max Polyakov to create new friends within the music industry, which is very needed just before their new album release. Yet, Scorpion’s tour was cancelled, and they rescheduled another one at the beginning of 2019. This was surely inconvenient for Firefly as they were counting on the money and opportunity to meet new promoters. But their devoted Swedish promoter Bob King did not see it as a problem and found work for the band without major problems.

The only problem that may affect the band’s development is their inability to withstand against competition. In other words, there are many other new rock and roll bands that also would like to promote their albums around. For this reason, Max Polyakov teamed up with another novice band in order to share each other’s experience and help with sound inspiration. The bank that they teamed up with is a local Berlin group of also young musicians called “The Fjords” who been around just about a year as Firefly.

Max Polyakov organised a conjoined event with the Fjords at a local stadium with the capacity of 500 people. This event was not easy to organise as both bands are highly inexperienced in cooperating with other bands. However, the event was successful with at least 400 visitors buying the ticket for their event. Both bands sang their albums and replicated some of the classic songs of Beatles and Oasis.

The overall rise to fame of Max Polyakov and his fresh band Firefly could be considered as an enormous success in financial and popular terms. The band’s first album “Chasing flies” was also a huge success relative to the short time the band exists, as it became known in the US and majorly in Europe, only within the first year. The promoter of the band Bob King has done a good job of organizing events for the band and promoting the first album to the global audience.

musician Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov’s Firefly is the next big thing in rock and roll

In my opinion, if Firefly will continue at the same pace as their success, a lot of other possibilities await Max Polyakov’s road to fame. The second album is rumoured to include 10 songs in which some of them reprise the Indie melodic nostalgia of the 1980s. the band is also set to travel to Australia and China for some of their gigs in the near future as their popularity raises quite fast in various parts of the world. That is said, bands like Led Zeppelin never had such fame at such early stages of their career, and Firefly having already won a regional award for their first album is a big sign that the band is set to break some record by the end of next year. So, there is a necessity to keep track of the band’s achievements to understand where is this music talent set to go.